After Effects Import Markers

Import markers into Adobe After Effects from a comma-separated (CSV) or tab delimited text file.

Markers can be imported as either comp markers or layer markers. Marker times can be in seconds, frames or timecode.






If no header is present in the marker file, the first column is expected to be the marker time and the second column is expected to be the marker comment/description. For example:

00:00:00,Marker 1
00:01:03,Marker 2
00:04:11,Marker 3

A header row can be used to import additional marker data and have the columns in any order. For example:

Marker 1,10,60,1
Marker 2,120,50,2
Marker 3,180,85,3

The following headers are recognized:

Header values are case insensitive and spaces are ignored. e.g. 'event cue point' or 'eventCuePoint' are treated as identical.

Commas (,), tabs or pipes/vertical bars (|) can be used as field-delimiters. This script detects the field-delimiter character automatically, based on the first instance of a valid delimiter character within the file. i.e. one delimiter type must be used consistently throughout a file.


You can purchase a single-user license for this script for US $9.

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